A Queen’s Mercenary – A sneaky preview !

A Queen’s Mercenary – Available for Pre-Order soon. Here’s a sneaky preview.

Jack’s words were quiet, and meant for his brother’s ears only. “Do you know what you have done?” Jack’s hands still on Richard’s shoulders pushed him hard against the wall. “Do you?”
Richard made no move to free himself from the hold. “Why? What have I done?”
Jack moved his face even closer to his brother’s. “Because of you I am a murderer, I have committed treason. Twice. I have been involved in burglary and traded in stolen goods. And now…” Jack took a deep breath, “…and now you have just added incest to the list.” Jack could feel Richard’s shoulders shake beneath his hands, and he realised he was silently laughing. Strong hands propelled him back over and Jack rammed Richard hard against the wooden panelling.
“Why is that funny?” Jack was furious.
“You should thank me, Just think how dull your life was before you met me. I’ll make sure you can add blasphemy and heresy to the list before we are done.” Richard replied still laughing.

The Tudor Mystery Trials Update

All three books are now available as a box set on Amazon. The next in the series, A Queen’s Mercenary, was due out in March, however this has had to slide. I left my laptop bag on the back seat of the car and my son left the window open, there was a downpour and the hard drive and most of the files were toast. So it’s taken a little longer to piece it all back together from my notes. I am still hoping for a release date of May, and if this should slide I will pop another post on.