Thu. Jan 20th, 2022

A Queen’s Executioner


BOOK SIX IN THE SERIES – Richard has been charged with carrying out a murder – but can he do it?

Edward Courtenay, the last Plantagenet, has a claim to the throne of England that he must never be allowed to make. Courtenay has already tried to bolster his right to rule by backing Wyatt’s failed uprising and then by trying to wed the Princess Elizabeth, embroiling her in his treasonous plots. 

Richard, his conscience torn by what he must do returns to Italy to find Courtenay. Once he completes his task he intends to hand himself to the Order and secure the release of Lizbet and the rest of his men. 

Will he succeed and kill Edward Courtenay? Will the Grand Master abide by his promise and release the captives from Malta? Find out in this next gripping chapter.

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