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Phew – What a ride writing this series has been!

I hope you are visiting my website because you have enjoyed the books and want to find out more about the series and the historical background against which they are set. I love history, and I hope my passion comes across in my books. Jack and Richard might be fictitious, but many of the key players did indeed exist. If you sign up for my blog I’ll not only keep you up to date on new books but also send you some information about these men and women and the times they lived in.

I love reviews! So if you want to leave one for the Mercenary For Hire Series just click the link below.

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Sam Burnell lives in the North East of England and has had a passion for history and archaeology all her adult life. Originally trained as a Solicitor, while studying Law at Durham University she enjoyed a sideline in legal history. Various jobs followed, including researcher for a local museum, public sector audit work and finally running her own successful scuba diving business both on-line and in a bricks and mortar store. During a career break a return to University was possible where she studied Archaeology, and Sam is never happier than when she is stood in a castle wondering what when and why, and trying to unlock the secrets in the stones.
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