Thu. Aug 22nd, 2019

Mercenary For Hire Series

Reading Order

The Tudor Heresy – Series Intro

A Queen’s Spy

A Queen’s Traitor

A Queen’s Mercenary

A Queen’s Knight

A Queen’s Assassin – due out 2019

A Queen’s Privateer – due out 2019

“I did what all men should do when faced with Richard Fitzwarren and three foot of drawn steel, or woe betides them. I backed away.”



Elizabeth Tudor needs a hero.

Based on actual historical events, A Queen’s Spy is a gripping historical fiction adventure set in 16th Century Tudor England – an epic tale of a young Tudor nobleman’s courage as he tries to keep the future Queen Elizabeth I safe in one of Britain’s most turbulent eras.

As a young man Richard had been attached to Thomas Seymour’s household, working with Seymour’s spy and intelligence network. Seymour and married Henry VIII’s widow, Katherine Parr. Through his wife, he became guardian of the young Elizabeth Tudor. Banished from his father’s house for crimes he didn’t commit, he learned his trade well in France, returning to England a self-styled Tudor soldier-of-fortune selling his services and those of his mercenary band to the highest bidder

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