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A Queen’s Mercenary – Release May 2018

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The story is finished! Finally

There are just three months now to put the finishing touches to the book and for it to go through the editing process. It’s another action packed 428 pages which has really stretched me as the setting moved to Europe. The book will be available on pre-order on Amazon in February.


4 thoughts on “A Queen’s Mercenary – Release May 2018

  1. I recently discovered your books and have read the three currently available. I have found them to be intriguing, exhilarating and a change from so many sappy characters in other books. I would recommend your books to those Diana Gabaldon fans who can skip the time travel. I am waiting with baited breath for your next installment and don’t want to read anything else right now but Richard and Jack.

    1. Thank you Tambre – the next volume is on the way and I will post on the blog as soon as it is nearing completion. If you like my facebook page as well there will be snippets on there from the book on there very soon.

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