Tudor Mystery Trials Audible Box Set

The box set is now available on audible I have a limited number of promo codes so you can download the whole set for free on audible. If you would like a promo code then please just send me a message and I would be delighted to send you a code. First come first served as they say.

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0 thoughts on “Tudor Mystery Trials Audible Box Set

  1. Michael Hood MD Reply

    I am from Tennessee. I just finished the Queens Spy. I loved the book and the depth of the writing. I have read all of Bernard Cornwell, Patrick Obrian, an Ken Follet. After reading The Queens Spy you have me hooked. Your work is on their level and passes them in the intamancy with the characters.

    1. samanthaburnell Reply

      Thanks so much for you kind comments – it will keep me writing !

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