Scottish National Treasure

Due for release in November 2018.


John, ex forces and with an overdraft he can’t even bring himself to think about, finally finds much needed work. Able to offer technical expertise on military spec. equipment he finds himself working for an American company on their latest marketing campaign. Hank Scott is exploiting his links with Scotland to bolster his biscuit companies dwindling market share in the US. John might not be happy with situation but what choice does he have?

John unearths a find that would not only clear his overdraft but would leave him wealthy beyond his dreams. However what he has discovered is so closely linked to the very heart of Scotland he knows he has to get it into the right hands. But which hands are they?

What he has found will bolster national pride to such an extent that the British Government will loose control of Scotland, indyref2 will be a landslide. John knows that’s a mission he can bring about, but there are many set to stop him.


0 thoughts on “Scottish National Treasure

  1. Stephanie Stivers Reply

    I read The Tudor Heresy and literally could not put it down from the start. You are a Genius! Really made the characters come to life.

    1. samanthaburnell Reply

      Thank you very much Stephanie, that was such a lovely comment and on my birthday as well. I hope you like the next one in the series.

    2. samanthaburnell Reply

      Thanks – I hope you went to on to read the rest of the books in the series. Sam

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