Sun. Mar 3rd, 2024

Nathaniel Williams – Narrates the full series

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Great news – Nathaniel Williams has completed the narration of A Queen’s Mercenary and the feedback from listeners is great. He had done a splendid job. Currently he is working on A Queen’s Knight and this should be available on audible towards the end of March. Over the following months A Queen’s Spy, A Queen’s Traitor and The Tudor Heresy will all be re-recorded by Nathaniel as well.

1 thought on “Nathaniel Williams – Narrates the full series

  1. Great news I thought I would have to forgo listening to the first 3 again as I couldn’t bear to listen to Alex Lancer again.I love reading but I find with audio books I can read and sew,knit and drive or just sit and listen..
    Thanks for the Books they are great and the way you have portrait Richard and Jack is just right Lizbet is perfect love her character .

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