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Elizabeth I – Little Known Fact

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Queen Elizabeth I Ring, c. 1560. Found in the collection of the Chequers Estate. (Photo by Fine Art Images/Heritage Images/Getty Images)

Elizabeth I – little known fact! Elizabeth never spoke publicly about her mother – however she wore this ring, and it contains a miniature or herself and one of Anne Boleyn. So although she never publicly made a statement about her mother she obviously kept her memory alive in private. Elizabeth was two years old when her father had her mother executed. Henry VIII was never allocated a grand tomb, and perhaps this is because Elizabeth who could not provide one for her mother also decided her father should lie in relative anonymity as well.

The ring shown below is beautiful in detail and show both women. If you look at the inner band on the ring you can see that the some of the enamel has worn away so this was piece of jewelry that Elizabeth often wore. Due to the troubles times Elizabeth lived through it has to be supposed that she had this made after her accession to the throne.

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