Wed. Nov 29th, 2023

Edward’s Devise For The Succession is shocking

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During the new version of A Queen’s Spy there is a detailed look at the Devise and the numerous times this was changed to eventually favour the unborn heirs of Jane Grey, and then Jane herself.

There is an image of the document below. In my novel I refer to this as “some poor school boys homework,” and when you take a look at all the changes, the poor penmanship, the errors, you really do wonder how this came about. My version of events in A Queen’s Spy are purely fictional, I am sure the truth behind how and under what circumstances these changes were made would make an amazing story.

The original of the document is held at the Inner Temple Library in London. I respectfully asked for permission to include an image in the ebook of the document however they declined. I think the document might be a public one, and I am working on trying to include it as I feel it is one of those occasions when seeing is believing.

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