A Queen’s Traitor

Richard and Jack are back.

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Richard grinned and grasping his brother’s wrist said, “Terrible apart, and even worse together – that would make us a fine family moto. Et mirabilia absque peius.”

Jack Fitzwarren after fearing his brother had died embarks on a reckless path, and whether or not Richard can save him remains to be seen.

Branded a traitor to the Crown for helping to foil a plot to remove the Princess Elizabeth from the succession, now he will risk all to save her from a plot to snatch her from England.

Protestant Reformers need a figurehead for their cause, and Elizabeth is it. They truly believe the Princess will be safer in Europe away from her sister Mary’s cruel hand, but the lady does not want to go.

Elizabeth knows her destiny lies with England, and Jack’s lies with his brother – or so he hopes