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  1. Hello Just finished reading A Queen’s Spy. The story is riveting, the characters delightfully annoying and historical detail and background were enjoyable. What I did have issue with though was the high error rate in the book, and I was surprised that this has passed Amazon’s quality control. There were so many missing words, typo’s and the narrative switches so often it made me feel dizzy on occasion. All of these issues are easily fixed if you run this by an editor. There are a couple of groups on goodreads where some of these guys hang out and you can track them down there, one really good group is indieauthors. Sue x

    1. Thanks for the comments Sue, and I am pleased you enjoyed the book. If you would like me to send you the next one in the series please drop me a message.
      As regards editing, the latest version of A Queen’s Spy that you have, has been professionally edited by Jackson Palmer, a member of the Artful Editor team. He is also a writer with his own sci-fi series, The Meek, The Monster and The Man written under the name JD Palmer. So the manuscript has already undergone review by a skilled editor and proofreader.JD Palmer

  2. I am so anxiously awaiting “The Queen’s Champion.” When will it be available? This series is the absolute best I have been able to obtain. I am 83 years old and have read many, many books, as you may have guessed. So, I am somewhat an expert here, and I repeat this series is the best.

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